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Industry | Engineering

What they needed: This highly regarded bulk material handling equipment design and engineering company needed to rebrand and update their online profile to represent the full extent of their capabilities. Working with Fortune 100 companies and with more than 30 years in the industry, it was time to show off. We designed a fully responsive website with SEO content with strong calls to action to attract leads. We also included details and resources for sales associates to refer to when calling on consumers. We continue to optimize their online presence via extensive content creation and digital marketing. 
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Industry | Logistics | Transport | Broker Services

What they needed: This fast growing, Nashville based logistics company needed an online presence to connect with their target customers and a professional, polished brand image that highlighted their capabilities and years of experience. We designed a fully responsive website with SEO content with strong calls to action to attract leads. We also included a careers page to attract long-haul drivers with specific skills. Through our network, we worked to bring in new resources and partners, and developed systematic approaches to previously labor intensive work.  We continue to optimize their online presence via extensive content creation and digital marketing. 
Logistics and Transport website
Logistics Logo
HVAC Website Design Marketing
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HVAC | Services Industry

What they needed: After more than 20 years of service in the Heating and Cooling Industry this team branched out on their own. They needed to brand the business from the ground up, including a logo, website, business collateral, and content. We created a logo that fit their vision and designed a website with SEO content to identify their full capabilities and attract leads. 
Political Website Candidate
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 Political Candidate

What they needed: Russ Edwards was preparing for his run for a Judicial seat in his county. He needed everything.  We began with branding and messaging, and included that in all of his collateral from his logo, to his website, swag, and all campaign materials.  The website had to be current, mobile friendly, and provide the ability for the public, volunteers and donors to have an easy way to contact Russ for questions and opportunities. The website also had to comply with the rules of candidacy in his county, and Ads had to comply with policies. 
Political Logo
Primary Medical Services Provider Website
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Medical Care

What they needed: Salvus Center was operating with an outdated website and needed to update their online presence. We rebranding the primary medical provider by creating a new website, logo, and messaging. The website needed to highlight the extent of their primary care services. As a 501(c)(3) the website also needed to have the capability to accept applications for volunteers and a donations portal. We modernized the appearance and made the website to be mobile friendly. 
Medical Clinic Logo
Craft Brewery Website
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Content Development

Craft Brewery

What they needed: This popular craft beer brewery needed a new website that would distinguish itself and its wide brewing capabilities, It needed to have a place for craft beer lovers to see it's full menu of beers and extensive events. It needed to be mobile friendly, have a hip vibe, and represent their unique brand and personality. 
Bakery Website
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What they needed: CakeJoy had been baking and delivering cakes locally; however, they wanted to expand beyond their current customer base. We designed a beautiful ecommerce website that would entice their visitors and provide details of the vast number of goodies available. The website had to have fill online payment, shipping, and tracking capabilities, in addition it needed to be easy to place orders with numerous options. 
Realtors Association Website Design
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Content Development

Realtor Association

What they needed: Sumner Realtors needed to attract more area realtors to their association and provide a space, online, where agents could retrieve information regarding available classes and events.  The website had to be current, mobile friendly, and provide that was valuable to their end user.  It also needed to be accessible for agents to contact them and inquire about services and resources available. 
Real Estate Broker Website Design
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Content Development

 Real Estate Broker

What they needed: EXIT Real Estate Solutions was expanding their services to include commercial and residential services, in addition to relocation and auction services. They needed a website that would incorporate all of their services and capabilities in addition to attract real estate agents to the established real estate agency. The website had to be current, mobile friendly, and provide the ability for property buyers and sellers, and agents to easily contact them. exitrealestatesolutions.com
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Senior Center

What they needed: The Senior Citizens Center of Hendersonville had an outdated website that was not mobile friendly and could not be updated by the administration. They needed a new mobile friendly website with original content which could easily be updated with dates and content as desired. It had to demonstrate their extensive programming and appeal to today's active senior community. It also had to have resources and information that could easily be accessed and completed online, if needed. 
Hendersonville Senior Center
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What they needed: Custom Blueprint Consulting was a new business getting prepared to launch. They needed a modern, mobile friendly website to help get their business exposure online and that would represent the expanse of their services and professional acumen.  
Consultant Logo
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4D Ultrasound Services

What they needed: Over The Womb needed a modern website that was easy to navigate, sophisticated, and attractive, and would represent the brand's stellar services, and appeal to their young, professional families. 
Ultrasound Logo
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Doggy Daycare and Boarding

What they needed: A modern website that is easy to navigate, dramatic yet simple, and would differentiate the new brand from the old in a unique way to appeal to today's consumer and dog lovers. 
Dog Boarding Logo
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Pressure Wash Services

What they needed: A new mobile friendly website with original content that represented the vast extent of their services and professional expertise. 
Xavier Pressure Wash Nashville
GingerBean Children's Boutique Website
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Content Creation | Custom Graphics 

Baby and Children's Boutique

What they needed: A new website with fresh content that reflects the sophisticated interests of their shoppers, yet is playful and represents the essence of the warm attentiveness customers experience when shopping at their children's boutique.  
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 Content Creation

Veteran's Services

What they needed: A new website design that provides clear messaging and demonstrates who, how and why they serve, with a clear call to action educating veterans and the public on how to get involved, and support the organization. vfw9851.org
VFW Post 9851 Hendersonville TN
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Content Development

Sports Coaching and Trainer

What they needed: A new website to launch their professional goalkeepers training academy and emphasizes the professional caliber of their coaches and goalkeepers training  in the Nashville area.  thegoalkeepersacademy.com
Soccer Sports Logo
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