4 Reasons Why Giving Back Makes Good Business Sense and How to Get Started

Posted By: Wendy Navarro on April 30, 2016 
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Being supportive of your community and finding ways to give back can be an exceptional business strategy. However, being a community partner has a bigger impact than just the bottom line. Read on to discover 4 Reasons Why Giving Back Makes Good Business Sense and How to Get Started.

4 Reasons Why Giving Back Makes Good Business Sense

  1. You deal with neighborhood projects in areas that your clients frequent. When you are involved in things that are meaningful to the community at large and the people you serve, it deepens your connection with them as well as enhances your link with potential consumers.
  2. Getting your employees involved with community work is an amazing way to build partnerships. Your employees most likely live where they work, so it's an excellent way to get them involved in helping their community.
  3. Finding the right community job could reveal the strengths of your business. When you participate in a task that highlights what you and your company can do, you'll make an impact while revealing those qualities to other neighborhood neighbors.
  4. Partnering with different organizations could produce connections that you may not have thought to form. Nonprofits aren't typically the only organizations that do community service; discover exactly what teams, as well as various other firms do to give back and how you could partner with them to enhance the initiative.

5 Ways Your Business Can Get Started Giving Back

If you're encouraged and believe that giving back makes good business sense, the next step is to locate the ideal project or venue. Think about the strengths of your business, your workers, and the needs of your community. Below are some examples of projects that might be great for your company.

  1. If your office or shop is a place where people regularly come in and out, think about adding a collection container for a regional charity near the door or at your checkout counter. This is a budget friendly way to accumulate goods or cash that will stay local, and allows your customers to add to it conveniently.
  2. Sit on the board of a not-for-profit. You can offer your expertise as a business person and volunteer time as opposed to money.
  3. Challenge others to a competition. Coordinate with customers, colleagues, and other companies and challenge them to a donation race. Whoever raises the most money for either a chosen charity or organization that your company previously identified wins the contest. You can also think of a system of prizes for additional motivation if you want. The element of competition will have everybody contributing a whole lot more!
  4. Instead of competing with your business's competition, attempt to collaborate with them. Mark a volunteer day and take a group to a neighborhood pet sanctuary, food pantry, or Habitat for Humanity build. This is a direct link to the community and a way to affect the neighborhood; and it could also improve the connection between you and your competiion. As an added perk, it helps you build connections with others in the neighborhood.
  5. Let your customers know that your business gives back to the community. Inform them about the organizations you donate to, and the tasks you have actually assisted with on your web site, and social media networks. Some people like to do business with companies that give back to the neighborhood; even if they don't, they'll value understanding that you and your company are a positive presence in the community.

Just how crucial is giving back for small companies? Giving back to the neighborhood isn't merely a wise business strategy, it's also a way to develop loyalties and demonstrate that your business is making a positive impact in the community; a company who cares and is willing to put time and commitment into sustaining it.

Does your small company give back to your community? How does Giving Back Makes Good Business Sense for you?

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