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Posted By: Wendy Navarro on June 25, 2022 
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There are millions of businesses online. That means your business must find ways to stand out and get consumers' attention. The internet offers opportunities that can help you reach your targeted audience more easily than ever; search engines, social media channels like Facebook or Instagram, video channels like YouTube, and podcasts--to name a few. So, how can you Boost Business With Online Content and use these tools? Read on.

Boost Your Business With Online Content

One of the best long-term methods to reach your market is to publish content online. Online content builds your company's authority, brand awareness, and potential sales. As a business, when you share informative and interesting content that consumers or other companies find valuable enough to share, you can turn customers or fans into brand advocates.

Not only does high-quality online content help increase followers and fans, but it is also one of the most important things you can do to boost your business's SEO. This content can take many forms, including blog posts, infographics, videos, and well-written articles. Once you've created the content, sharing it across as many relevant platforms as possible is important. Sharing your content across social media platforms or email newsletters can also help spread the word and generate more interest in your business. Ultimately, by taking advantage of online content and sharing it widely, you can boost your business's search engine rankings.

How Online Content Helps Your Business

Content helps your business get:

● Increased exposure
● Stronger brand awareness
● Visibility and authority

Content is the engine that runs the online marketing of your business.

What You Need to Know When Publishing Content Online

  1. Lead with value. Giving value (free information, advice, tips) builds authority for your business and keeps your company in the minds of consumers.
  2. Map the customer journey. Leading consumers is all about storytelling and bringing customers through different stages of understanding, engagement or consideration for your brand story.

The Customer Journey

● Awareness - the stage when potential customers learn about you and your business. Good content marketing gives consumers an inside look at your business and increases curiosity to want to learn more. Lead customers from this "Awareness" stage to the next stage with a call-to-action. At this stage, the content can be:

○ Tutorial (from sites like Google or Pinterest)
○ Viral post (something people will share or retweet)
○ Expert content or analysis reports

● Consideration - the stage potential customers already know about you and consider buying from you. Content can be educational and promotional. You'll reach customers at this stage via content such as newsletters, case studies, and podcasts.

● Decision - the stage customers trust your business and are considering purchasing from you. Content here isn't to educate or build brand awareness. It's to address the benefits of your products or services. At this stage, the call-to-action leads the customer to either make a purchase or start a free trial.

  1. Create a strategy. A strategy is essential to ensuring your team reaches your goals.

● What is your goal when publishing content?
● Can it be monetized? If so, what's the plan?
● How are you going to achieve your goals?
● Choose the platform(s) for the content and set an audience intent. Does your audience look at Pinterest for inspiration? Instagram for tutorials? And lead all calls to action back to your website!

  1. Interact with your community. Use content as a way to interact with and engage your community! Make them feel like they are part of something. Create content that gets them involved with what you stand for, and post user-generated content.
  2. Become an industry leader. Use content to distinguish your business in your industry. How is your company different from the rest, and how can you create content that reflects that?
  3. Have a brand style guide that covers brand voice and tone. A brand style guide ensures that your team stays consistent when you publish. It can also be a frame of reference when you're thinking about content ideas to publish.

Show Me. Don't Just Tell Me

Customers move through the customer journey when you give back through your content, educate, and are helpful. When you go beyond publishing content that only talks about how great your business and products are and more about how it makes their life better, customers start to see you as a part of their everyday lives - beyond just your products or services.

ring® offers great examples of how a business can talk about the benefits of their product by educating and showcasing the benefit to the consumer. Show me. Don't just tell me.

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