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Posted By: Wendy Navarro on January 8, 2021 
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Attention Facebook public figures, businesses, and managers!

Facebook announced they were rolling out the redesigned Facebook Pages experience that makes it simpler for public figures and creators to build community and achieve their business objectives.

Facebook News

As of the date of this blog the new Pages experience is not available for all Pages, yet.

A Facebook Page is a way for public figures, businesses, and others who want to build an audience to manage their personal and professional presence on Facebook.

What’s New:

  • Redesigned layout that’s simpler and more intuitive
  • Dedicated News Feed to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans
  • Easy navigation between personal profile and Pages
  • Updated task-based admin controls giving trusted Page admins full control or partial access
  • Actionable insights and more relevant notifications
  • Safety and integrity features to detect spammy content and impersonator accounts

Simple and Intuitive Page Design
According to Facebook, it will be easier to navigate between a personal profile and a public Page. The redesign will be cleaner and more streamlined making it simple for people to see bios, posts, and other important info.

Dedicated News Feed and New Ways to Engage
Now this, we are excited about!

Facebook is bringing the power of News Feed to Pages for the first time. Now Pages can discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans. The dedicated News Feed will also suggest new connections — other public figures, Pages, Groups and trending content that a Page or public figure cares about.

To make Page conversations more visible to a wider audience and surfaced more frequently in their followers’ News Feed, comments from public figures will be bumped to the top of the comments section. People will also be able to follow Pages directly from comments and recommendations posts.

New Q&A Format
We like this, too. To support richer, interactive conversations, Facebook is introducing a new text-based Q&A format. Note: Right now Q&A is only available on your computer.

How to host a Q&A

Focus on Page Followers
Facebook is removing Likes and focusing on Followers to simplify the way people connect with their favorite Pages. Unlike Likes, Followers of a Page represent the people who can receive updates from Pages, which helps give public figures a stronger indication of their fan base.

What is the difference between followers and likes for classic Pages?

The number of followers indicates the number of people who may see your Page’s updates and posts in their News Feed. When people liked your classic Page, they also automatically “followed” you, which allowed them to see your posts in News Feed. People who liked the Page could also choose to unfollow the Page and not see its posts in their News Feed. They still demonstrate their support.

For a stronger indicator of the number of people who would like to see your Page's posts in their feed, using followers is a better signal.

What happens to Page likes when I transition to the new Pages experience?

  • If someone likes and follows your classic Page, they will continue to be a follower for the new Page and added to your total follower count.
  • If someone likes your classic Page but does not follow it, they will not transfer to your new Page as a follower.
  • If someone follows your classic Page but does not choose to like it, they will still transfer to your new Page as a follower.
  • Page likes will not be supported on your new Page, and Page like count will no longer be accessible.

About Likes and Follows for New Pages Experience

Improved Page Management Tools
Facebook has added new Page management features — like the ability to more clearly assign and manage admin access permissions based on specific tasks. For example, you’ll now be able to grant varying levels of access to manage specific tasks including Insights, Ads, Content, and Community Activity & Messages. This will also ensure account safety and integrity.

What will people with full control be able to do?
Think of this as people with Admin access. You can give full control of the Page to people you trust. This person will have the same access as you. They can give or remove access for others from the Page, or delete the Page. With full control of the Page, people can use the Page’s tools and insights.

About Full Control of New Pages

Safety and Integrity Features
Facebook has improved their ability to detect activity that isn’t allowed on the platform including hate speech, violent, sexual or spammy content and impersonation. They are continuing to expand the visibility of a verified badge to make it easier to identify posts and comments from authentic Pages and profiles.

Facebook Terms

Facebook will roll out the new Pages experience to all Pages in the upcoming months. Or, get started with the New Pages Experience


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