How User Friendly is Your Website?

Posted By: Wendy Navarro on December 28, 2020 
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Businesses are always looking for new customers and ways to connect, but did you know that 70% of business websites don't have a call to action on their homepage?

A homepage is a website's first chance to make a lasting impression on a visitor. Think of the homepage like your storefront, if viewers don't know what you do and can't follow up it makes it pretty tough to get those new customers, right?

Your Website Home Page Done Right

What can be done to make sure the website homepage is doing its job?

  1. Have a clear message about what the business does. Make sure it's above the fold.
  2. Have a Call to Action that drives engagement…super important.
  3. Make it easy to understand the Who, What, Why's and How's of your business. Don't make your message cryptic or try to be overly clever. A direct, clear message is always best.

The Bottom Line

If people can't tell what your business does or sells in a couple of seconds of looking at the homepage then it's probably too complicated. Your website should be as simple as telling the customer:

• What you offer
• How it makes their life better
• What they need to do to buy it

Be clear on these points, target the right audience, and watch the right leads roll in.

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