The Importance of the User Experience on Websites for Manufacturers

Posted By: Wendy Navarro on October 27, 2022 
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User experience (UX) is vital in websites for all small businesses. But what exactly is user experience, why is it important for manufacturers, and how can it be improved?

Approximately 20% of businesses report that their biggest challenge with their website is low traffic. Further, statistics suggest many companies report their typical click-through rate for their CTA (Call to Action) is only 4.23%.

Websites for manufacturers and industrial businesses are tremendous marketing tools. Too often, however, they suffer from untapped potential due to poor design and poor user experience.

This can be changed!

Manufacturers can boost their exposure online, create credibility, and build a powerful brand with the best website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is possible to create a money-making website by following a few important tactics.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers and Industrial Businesses

Your website represents your company with an online presence. The way it appears is a direct reflection of your brand and your reputation. Old and sloppy reflects poorly on your brand.

The best website design tells visitors your story, why you are better than your competitors, and your unique value proposition. It should look great, but how easily users can navigate it is equally important. If a user is having difficulty interacting with your website, or trouble searching it, this can leave a negative impression.

You want to “wow” visitors with user experience, or “UX” for short.

What Is User Experience?

When it comes to websites, User Experience (UX) encompasses everything. What a user feels, sees, and hears is a part of their experience with your website. Mainly, user experience relates to the following areas:

  • Accessibility
  • Credibility
  • Desirability
  • Usability
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Value

The best website design focuses on making it easy for a customer to use and what is appealing to them.

The Importance of User Experience

With online marketing for manufacturers, it is all in the numbers. User experience directly relates to conversion rates. Good conversion boosts sales.

Consider the following statistics. Design influences your website’s credibility by 75%. Further, a visitor will spend about 5.94 seconds watching the primary image of your website.

Slow-loading websites are incredibly harmful. Companies lose up to $2.6 billion per year because of slow-moving websites. The best website design is one that includes speed.

Website Design Tips for Manufacturers

The first consideration for the best website design is a clutter-free homepage. All your core messaging must come across instantly. It must be clear, and relatable. If you think about your behavior while interacting with a website, do you read every word on the page or scan?

Keeping this behavior in mind will help you understand that the best website design is one that appeals to the human brain and eyes. The most important content must be at the top so the user will not need to scroll. Also, a good user experience includes good images to get the point across.

Include a Call to Action

The best digital marketing strategies for manufacturers generate results and conversions. Whether you want them to sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase, your homepage needs a CTA.

Easy to Read

Users measure your website’s “readability.” This refers to how easily they can recognize words, phrases, and sentences. For a user to take in information for your website, it should be effortless.

Websites that score high on “readability,” focus on contrast, large letter size, and font types. Text and themes should complement one another and be consistent throughout the site, meaning use the same type of font for headlines and body text. Having more than three font types on a website will make your website seem cluttered and unappealing.

Easy to Navigate

Being a rebel at heart is okay in many circumstances, just not with your website design. You should follow certain website design tips because you want users to find your site easy to navigate. If a customer cannot find what they are looking for, they will bounce and land in the hands of your competitor.

The best website design has a solid navigation structure.

Link Your Logo to Homepage

This is a common practice that your visitors will expect. No matter what page they land on, there is a logo at the top that they can click on and go back to the homepage. It could help them save a lot of clicks or steps to get back to what they want.

Good Menu Structure

Menu styles and layouts for the menu can vary - top of the page, left of the margin it doesn't matter as long as the most important parts are prominent and appear the same way on every page. The structure should be designed by the importance level so visitors can easily locate items.

Well Designed Footer

The website footer is is likely to be the last thing anyone will see, but it is very important to the best website design. All your important links should be in the footer section.

Also, in your footer, you should have social media icons, contact information, and possibly include a brief version of your menu.

Mobile Friendly

Recent statistics suggest that 62.06% of all Internet traffic results from a mobile device using it. The best website design is responsive, meaning that no matter the device that is opening it, the website will lie out nicely. If you have an excellent design on a desktop, but it appears poor on a mobile device, you will lose customers.

Websites for Manufacturers and Industrial Businesses

Navarro Creative Group helps small and medium-sized businesses in manufacturing, material handling, and industry generate the best digital marketing strategies. We help companies, like yours, to reach their goals.

Your organization can build a powerful brand and increase conversions by boosting your online presence with a website designed with the user experience in mind.

If you want a stronger online presence, contact Navarro Creative Group and Ask us about our digital marketing strategies and websites for manufacturers today!

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