Generational Marketing part 3: Marketing to Generation X

Posted By: Wendy Navarro on January 20, 2018 
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Generational Marketing: Why you should market to Generation X

Generation X:
It’s not easy being Generation X. They have the second largest spending power, earning 31% of the household income in the United States. Yet compared to other generations, they are immensely overlooked by companies in their marketing strategies.

Why is that? With so much focus on Millennials, Generation X’s unique position with consumers often gets ignored. They are the only generation that is adults both before and after the technological landscape changed. Consequently, it puts them in a better position of being tech-savvy, diverse, and a bit more well-rounded than younger generations.

Their ability to quickly adapt to technology has become the core of their identity. After all they remember the world before the rise of the Internet and technology and were young enough to gravitate towards the transition at the brink of its cusp.

Since Generation X is in the middle of other generations, their influence affects those generations as well. Disregarding this generation means ignoring a group that has notable influence and the ability to connect with various types of marketing structures over a wide variety of channels. Understanding their influence presents a significant opportunity to target a diverse audience that appreciates both digital and traditional marketing.

Generation X and On-line Behavior

The following presents ways to understand their online behavior:

How They Connect:
• 80% use Facebook.
• YouTube is a part of their daily habit. They often consume how-to videos, and videos of nostalgic entertainment and pop culture of their childhood.
• Generation X accounts for over 1.5 Billion of YouTube's 5 Billion views daily
• Perfect audience for television advertisements
• They prefer to use a computer over a smartphone.

What’s Their Focus?
• According to the U.S. Department of Labor, they spend more on housing, clothing, dining, and entertainment than other generations
• Generation Xers want brands to show them that they’re appreciated & understood. They are loyal to brands that do.
• It’s important for them to stay relevant without feeling left out.
• They are less eager to jump on the latest trend, making them easier to market to consistently.
• Generation Xers are more likely to share content.


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