What is the Best Way to Market My Business Online?

Posted By: Wendy Navarro on December 1, 2020 
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"What is the best way to market my business online?" We get this question all of the time from business owners. While each business is different and unique, there are some foundational pillars that every business should have in play.

It all starts with a great website.

Your website is the foundation for all of your messaging and content marketing efforts. All other marketing collateral should reinforce and drive traffic to it.  To do this well, you must:

  • Build a strong organic base to support any paid marketing that you'll do.
  • A great website powered by great content and SEO is the nucleus of any good online marketing. Be sure that you have this in place to support your paid marketing.
  • All of your content should help to establish you or your business in one of three ways as the Authority, Expert, or to build Trust.
  • Build consistent and consistently good content and utilize a blog, again on your website.
  • Amplify your content out with Google and Facebook Ads. Be sure that you focus on your target demographic/audience.
  • Setup your Google My Business and other online business listings and make sure that they are accurate and consistent, i.e. NAP information is the same across the internet.
  • PPC ads or Facebook ads can work great when done right. Lead everything you do back to your website and a dedicated page (landing page) with an easy way for prospects to contact you.

But before you do any of this determine your GOAL and BUDGET, and COMMIT to CONSISTENCY.

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