Businesses Prosper Using Pokémon GO to Lure in Customers

Posted By: Wendy Navarro on August 12, 2016 
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The Pokémon GO phenomena has taken the world by storm, and it's not just kids who are playing. Grade schoolers to Millennials, people of all ages are getting in on the action. In our own home, everyone from our eleven year old son to our 20 year old are hitting the streets in search of their next Poké catch. With over 20 million active users it is the hottest thing in augmented reality apps., and savvy businesses have figured out how to lure people in and take advantage of this Pop Culture craze.

Businesses Prosper Using Pokémon GO to Lure in Customers

How Pokémon GO Is Helping Small Business

Whether or not the developers of Pokémon considered this when they launched the app., Pokémon GO has helped businesses attract new customers in big ways. By purchasing items called Lures, small businesses place the lures at PokéStops to attract Pokémon. PokéStops are nearby places where players can physically visit to stock up on free accessories and items like PokéBalls. By placing Lures at nearby PokéStops, businesses have seen as much as a 75% increase in revenue from the added foot traffic from Pokémon Go. And, according to, it would only cost about $1.19 an hour to lure in a steady stream of new customers as demonstrated by L’inizio’s Pizza Bar in Queens who spent $10 on Lures, and in return saw a 30 percent increase in sales almost instantly. ~Bloomberg

It's not just small businesses that are getting in on the action either. Recently, a local not-for-profit, Historic Rock Castle in Hendersonville, TN, got in on the action by dropping lures to draw in locals and tourists. They then offered a special discount on their tour packages when visitors showed they had the app installed on their phone.

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Pokémon GO to Attract Customers

  • Direct users to your location. Request that your business be a PokéStop by completing a simple form online.
  • Find out where PokéStops are nearby and purchase lures to attract Pokémon and ultimately players.
  • Lure nearby Pokémon GO players into your business by offering a special discount or offer.
  • Post pictures on your social media sites of customers playing Pokémon Go in or near your business. Better yet, download the app to your phone and take screen shots of yourself and customers catching Pokémon and use the hashtags #pokemongo and #pokemon.

Some businesses have already seen a 75% increase in revenue from the added foot traffic from Pokémon GO

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