Why You Need to Sell Online Now More than Ever

Posted By: Wendy Navarro on September 29, 2020 
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The modern consumer is changing. They are no longer willing to settle for only a shopping experience where they have to get in their car and drive to the store. They want to shop from the comfort of their own home where they feel safe. Unfortunately, many brick-and-mortar stores were too late to recognize this change during the pandemic and have been forced to close.

More consumers than ever recognize that online shopping is not only safer but more convenient. Would you rather drive to several stores and hope to find what you’re looking for or, would you rather key something into Google and find exactly what you’re looking for? As a retailer, you can offer a solution for the millions of customers who want that convenience.

What's the solution? Take action and open an e-commerce store online yourself! Your store can live online, and you can continue to sell the same goods and retain the same customers in-store while expanding your reach and offerings online. With good e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce you can have an online store and open up more possibilities with online selling. Reaching customers throughout the United States and all over the world! But first, you need a well-designed eCommerce website that will get you found.

What Is an eCommerce Website?

An eCommerce website lets you upload your products and set your prices to sell online. There are also several tools available for marketing and advertising. Website security features are also easily accessible, promising not only a user-friendly shopping experience but a safe one.

As an online retailer, you’ll be able to operate your business online. An eCommerce website has as much to do with business development and functionality as it does with customer experience. Certain processes, such as automated sales, require an eCommerce solution. You can also expect a majority of your customers to order products from all devices, especially their smartphones. This means your website needs to look and function well on all devices while maintaining the same convenience people expect. This is called responsive website design. For these reasons and many more, you’ll want to have talented eCommerce web designers by your side guiding you.

Wait, you can’t just buy a pre-made website theme and be done with your web design? You could, but it likely won’t generate the results you want.

Your website is essential to your business. It is not the place for shortcuts or to try and "save money". It is an investment in the future of your business. That’s why you must put a lot of thought into the design, content, and function. Most business owners don’t have the skill or knowledge to create a website that will not only look good but will also be found on the search engines. To achieve the best results, you should only trust experienced designers to create an aesthetically pleasing website that provides the best user experience and gets your business found online!

Small Businesses Can Thrive Online

Thanks to the convenience and ease of the web, small retailers can succeed in an online world and compete with the "big boys".

How do you do all this? Don’t worry, we can help. We’ve helped businesses across Tennessee including Hendersonville, Knoxville, and Nashville and have designed websites for eCommerce stores of all sizes; we understand the essentials and so much more.

We'll design your website catered around your products and services. We also look at your customer demographic to maximize leads and will even educate you on functions that help with customer retention rates.

Your search for the best eCommerce website design is over.

Whether you need a website for your new shop or you’re updating an existing website, we offer many eCommerce website design options so you have the best experience and online store. The best part? We work with your website needs. Our pricing depends on the scale of your project.

Fill out our form below or call us today to get started (615) 562-1002.

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One comment on “Why You Need to Sell Online Now More than Ever”

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