In today’s digital world where in-boxes are crammed with spam and social media seems to be choking out traditional marketing, is email marketing even relevant and worth the time or the investment for small business owners?

Is email marketing dead?

A big question on the minds of many small business owners today is, "Is Email Marketing Dead?" Well, the answer might surprise you. Email marketing was never dead. As an advertising and marketing method it's constantly created a lot more ROI than almost anything else and 68% of customers still choose to obtain advertising deals through email (via It was stated dead some time back because social networks took off and everyone assumed that was going to cut email out as a viable marketing option.

In fact, though, email is stronger and more in demand than ever. A recent Adobe study finds that email is addicting and highlights that:

Even fortune 500 businesses and social media mega sites speak as much concerning building an email checklist as they talk about obtaining Facebook likes. In a survey for the 2015 State of Small Business record, reported that 46% of small companies stated they utilize email marketing as a top marketing tactic.

In addition, according to people prefer email for commercial communications where:

What's Different in Email Marketing Today?

Today's customer is tech savvy, busy and has no time or desire for spam. That means it is up to you to make your business stand out from all the others. No matter what form of marketing you use, or your industry,  the right technique and material should make the distinction between mail being trashed or changed into an earnings.

How to make your email stand out and get noticed

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